Do you have lockers?

We offer shoe storage free of charge and you can use these shelves to place your belongings while you jump, however they aren’t secure. Do empty your pockets of cell phones, ipods, keys, and any other items that can cause injury or be lost or broken.

Can I buy food and beverages at Leap?

Yes, we have a designated area with a coffee shop open at all times.

Can we bring our own food and non-alcoholic drinks

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and snack foods to enjoy at LEAP.


Do I need to make a booking?

To avoid disappointment, bookings are HIGHLY recommended.

Is there an admission fee for people who are not jumping?

Only the jumpers pay and carers/parents can watch free of charge.

What is the age range for jumping?

Almost everyone can join the fun, Bounce is suitable for all ages 3 and above!

How much does it cost?

Please see full details under Hours and Prices.

There are no spaces available online – can I still turn up?

Our booking website shows the amount of spaces available in the whole park. So if we are fully booked online, we would not be able to accept walk-ins on the day either.

What is a family pass? Can I use it for my 4 children?

Our Family Pass is a Special Admission Rate for families. We love to see families have fun and like to encourage Mum, Dad and the Grandparents to join in. Our Family Pass allows a maximum of 4 leapers. We require a minimum of 1 adult to be part of the group. Our Family Pass can be used for 1 adult and 3 children or 2 adults and 2 children.

How long before the start of my session do I need to arrive?

We ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your session. This allows enough time to process your booking and to complete our Safety Briefing prior to the start of your session. We like all our customers to enjoy their FULL hour of leaping!

When are your busiest/quietest times?

Our peak days are on weekends and on school holidays. If you prefer quieter days, we recommend visiting us on a school term weekday.

I have a concession card – How does this work?

We have 2 options of Concession Cards available for purchase. A 10 Leap Session Card for $130.00 ($13 per Leap) and a 20 Leap Session Card for $240.00 ($12 per Leap). These cards make GREAT GIFTS! We will write your name on your Concession Card – you are allowed to use it for yourself and one other friend every time you visit Leap.

How long can I stay on the trampolines?

Our sessions at Leap run for 1 hour and start on the hour, every hour. You are welcome to purchase an additional hour if you like to stay longer. We also have plenty of other activities for you to enjoy after your LEAP session finished. Please see our Activities section for more information on our other activities.

Do you have allocated times for pre-schoolers?

Yes, we have special closed sessions only for Little Leapers to let your pre-schoolers run wild (and wear them out to make bedtime a breeze!). This is a 2-hour session especially for your little ones where they can enjoy our entire facility! Tuesdays: 10am to 12pm and Fridays: 10am to 12pm. For information on the Little Leapers sessions.


Do I have to listen to the safety briefing every time I visit Leap ?

Yes, if is very important to listen to our Safety Briefing every time you visit Leap. Our Staff will explain all our safety rules and regulations prior to the start of every session. It is very important to listen carefully, even if you have been briefed before, our rules do change and it is a great reminder of details you might have forgotten since your last visit. The safety of ALL our customers are of upmost importance to Leap.Our Leap Team will run a first Safety Briefing 5 min prior to the start of your session. There will also be a second Safety Briefing at 10 min after the start of your session. So, if you are running a little late, you will still be able to join your session.

Do I need to wear socks?

No, you are welcome to enjoy our activities at Leap bare-footed. Your feet comes equipped with a natural non-slip sole and leaping bare-footed can help strengthen your foot muscles that otherwise would not be used while wearing shoes. We do however have specifically designed Leap socks for purchase. These are non-slip, rubber gripped socks, specifically designed to be used on our trampolines. Regular every day socks are very dangerous on the smooth surface of a trampoline and are not allowed on our trampolines at Leap.

Can I help my friend climb onto the wall in the Free Style Leap area?

You are more than welcome to use the wall if you are able to Leap up onto it unassisted. Please do not help any other leapers climb up onto the wall as this activity might be outside their leaping ability. Please do not climb up the yellow side safety mats to get to the top of the wall either. The wall is there to be used by leapers with the ability to LEAP up and down on their own.

I have lost a personal item on the trampolines – how can I get it back?

Please do not attempt to retrieve your item by yourself. Notify one of our Leap staff members immediately and they will take the correct actions to retrieve your item safely. Leap staff will take your details and reunite you with your personal item as soon as they can get in under the trampolines to retrieve it. Please make sure you listen carefully during the Safety Briefing regarding how to keep your personal items, jewelry, watches, etc safe. We do advise our customers to remove these items keep in a safe place during their session at Leap. Any valuables can be left with Leap staff at reception.

Can I race my friend through the Command Style Inflatable Obstacle Course?

Absolutely! Have fun and let the fastest person win! Remember to watch the traffic light – if it is green you are good to go!


Can I hire the entire facility for a corporate function?

Yes, Leap is available for Exclusive Hires/Bookings. Please contact us to discuss availability, options and prices.

I would like to hire your party room – How do I go about this?

Birthday parties at Leap is great fun! We have themed party rooms available for hire after your Leap session. Please contact us to discuss availability, options and prices.