Leap Dunedin

Indoor Trampoline Park

Get leaping at Dunedin’s only trampoline world and indoor leaping facility! Our trampolines feature the famous angled wall trampolines and a launching deck. As well as general admission you can attend Free Style and we also have our special Little Leapers classes for pre-schoolers.
Leap Dunedin, with over 54 trampolines including a separate dodgeball court and basketball hoops, is an awesome place to have fun and expend energy. Located near the Oval, entry is off Bridgman Street which you follow until the end of the cul-de-sac and our FREE car park. Our sessions start every hour, on the hour. Please arrive 15 mins before your session starts to ensure you have time to prepare and listen to the safety briefing. Check our session hours here.

Our Team

  • Alisha

    Branch Manager
    "I love working with the little leapers and seeing families spend time together."
  • Lucy

    Customer Facilitator
    "I like jumping up on the black wall."
  • Shaun

    Customer Facilitator
    "No matter what you can do, it's all about the fun you have at the end of the day!"
  • Daymon

    Customer Facilitator
    "The best part of leaping is the fitness."
  • Megan

    Customer Facilitator
    "Don't feel discouraged about not landing tricks, it took me a year to land a back flip."
  • Alex

    Customer Facilitator
    "It's awesome when kids are really excited to show you the tricks they have mastered."
  • Andre

    Customer Facilitator/Tricking Class Instructor
    "My favourite part of leap is teaching people to do tricks and flips and learning more and more tricks myself."
  • Darryl

    Customer Facilitator
    "I like doing tricks... majestically... like a salmon"

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